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Nona Scientific is a toxicology laboratory utilizing state-of-the-art technology to provide its clients with the most accurate results available. We are one of the only labs in the U.S. that can test and detect synthetic urine and other methods of diversion. In a field where most labs use 50-year-old technology, our team remains on the cutting edge of innovation and testing practices.



We're a full-service testing laboratory using the top medical tech to obtain accurate results.



We're committed to providing services that exceed industry standards. You’ll find our expert staff to be friendly, welcoming and professional.



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NonaClear 2.0

Synthetic Urine Detection

Did you know that synthetic urine has become a billion-dollar market assisting your patients in beating the standard drug testing system? We offer a solution that stops synthetic urine in its tracks.


Cloud-Based Technology & Reporting

NonaCloud is a productivity platform that securely connects applications at the click of a button. Transforming your browser into a no-code AI engine that empowers users to browse and connect multiple applications into one multi-view securely.

Cloud-based reporting and technology screen

Nona Molecular

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Testing

PCR is a method used to rapidly make millions to billions of copies of a specific DNA sample, allowing scientists to take a very small sample of DNA and amplify it to a large enough amount to study in detail.

Tests offered: Covid19, UTI, RPP, Women's Health, STI, Wound/Infections and Antibiotic Resistance.

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Molecular (PCR) Testing

Nona scientific moves forward with molecular (PCR) division which will offer Covid19, UTI, RPP, Women's Health, STI, Wound/Infections and Antibiotic Resistance testing.

Sunshine Health Network

Nona Scientific is now part of the Sunshine Health Network in Florida. All clinics and practices in the Sunshine Health Network now have access to NonaClear 2.0, our Revolutionary Specimen Validity Test.

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Covid-19 Testing

Nona Scientific to offer Covid-19 drive-up testing finger-prick blood drop anti-body testing. 

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Nona Scientific presents cutting-edge technology that detects synthetic urine at Behavioral Health Innovation
Summit and premieres a shocking documentary.

Nona Scientific presents technology that detects synthetic urine.

Premieres Sizzler for ‘Clean But Living Dirty,’ a shocking documentary about the opioid crisis and how far addicts go to cheat their drug test.

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We are a specialty diagnostics laboratory utilizing proprietary technology to offer the most accurate results in the industry.

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