NonaClear 2.0

Detecting both synthetic
and adulterated urine

NonaClear 2.0 is a proprietary specimen validity test that delivers revolutionary accuracy.


Here's how you are being tricked

Manufacturers are creating urine in a laboratory environment with a process resulting in clean, synthetic urine that contains all the ingredients normally found in urine and is balanced for pH, specific gravity, creatinine, and several other urine characteristics. Theses substitute urine products are readily available from a variety of sources.





Substitue & Additive

Present synthetic urine as a substitute for a clean sample or adding synthetic urine to actual urine to lower RX levels within prescription range.


Add "spike" to synthetic urine to show positive for prescribed RX, while masking other drugs abuse.

Reverse Flow

Reverse Flow catheterization of synthetic urine into subject for a clean observed sample.


Can synthetic urine replace authentic urine

Test results of synthetic, adulterated, and authentic urine samples analyzed at the Forensic Toxicology
Drug Testing Laboratory, Fort Meade, Maryland, USA.

1 UPASS 94.8 1.013* 7.2 0 Valid
2 Synthetix5 61.8 1.011* 5.4 0 Valid
3 Dr. Greens 67.1 1.013* 7.7 0 Valid
4 UTAK 91.4 1.012* 6.5 0 Valid
5 Liquid Gold 36.8 1.009* 7.8 0 Valid
6 Whizzinator 9.6 1.0014* 8.1 0 Valid/Dilute
7 Xstream 58.9 1.009* 6.8 0 Valid
8 Quick Fix 21.4 1.008* 7.4 3 Valid

*Measurements taken separately at Tripler Arm Medical Center Clinical Core Laboratory.


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Nona Scientific Releases NonaClear 2.0, A New and Improved Specimen Validity Test to
Combat the Opioid Epidemic by Detecting Counterfeit Urine.

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